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John Morrison, REALTOR

Salado, TX

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20 Years
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What Does It Take to Make "All the Right Moves"
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Who is John Morrison?
Is he the respected and renowned studio drummer who has appeared on CD’s and appeared on stage with some of country music’s top acts? Is he the former state rodeo phenom who made it to the Texas High School Rodeo Championships and placed in the top 10 in both the team roping and calf roping competitions two years in a row?

A Strong Player
Those who played for him will tell you he was one of the best coaches they ever had, helping take Sam Houston State's 1991 football team to the conference championship. Friends on the golf course describe him as one of the most tenacious golfers; someone who thrives on competition and always dedicates himself to putting his best effort into his game.

Family At Heart
John’s wife, Kelly, will tell you he is her best friend as well as a devoted husband. Also, he’s the loving and caring father who’s there for their son, Matthew, at all times. No matter who you might ask, you’ll certainly discover that John Morrison is the warmest and friendliest person you may ever come across. In reality, John is all these things. He is simply someone who makes all the right moves because of the positive attitude he applies to life. This is the culmination of his determination and desire to put forth his best effort in whatever he does. Based on his hard work and practice, the results obviously speak for themselves.

Someone to Count On
If you want to know what makes John tick, all you have to do is ask his real estate clients. They’ll describe a professional who uses every element of his business expertise and experience to help people make the right moves. From the man who sits and listens as you explain your real estate goals to the professional you can count on for timely communication, John loves nothing more than helping people isolate their real estate challenges, helping them overcome each one in order to reach the successful results they want. Always enthusiastic, he is often seen working with sellers, creating the marketing ideas for their home that will fetch top market value. He expects his clients to set their goals as high as possible and leave it to him to reach and exceed those goals.

Making the Right Move for You
When you put as much determination and focus into making something a success the way John does, it’s going to be a success through and through. When it comes to negotiating for the best deal on your behalf, you’re going to love the results John works for and acquires for you. Above all, he understands what you and your family have invested in your home. That’s why he does what it takes to ensure you’re completely satisfied. With an attitude like that, success is bound to happen. And, it’s bound to happen when you let John Morrison help you Make the Right Move to your next home. Call him today and find out what advantages await you when you put your Temple or Belton real estate needs into his hands.

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